Long & Short of it (Part 3)

Continuing our theme of lives tragic…


Enter enough names and dates and data into Geni.com, and it starts crunching numbers.

Geni will tell you who lived the longest, who your youngest living relative is, how many blood relatives came from Germany, the percentage that worked as farmers, and who, of course, died of what. To my knowledge, only one relative has died in a car accident.

Roy was Grandpa Foutz’s oldest brother. I can’t locate any of my Denny Rubright collections, detailing Dover football history, so I can’t say whether Roy ever played. About all I have to go on is my dad’s recollection of an Uncle Roy who always stopped by the house and brought hard candy with him. Well, either Dad has a very good memory, or it was another uncle, because Roy died when Dad was barely 15 months old.

About 2:15 p.m., on Sept. 19, 1953, Roy lost control of his car and crashed into a tree at the side of the road. About an hour later, he died at Union Hospital of a head injury sustained in the crash. He had been living at 910 Walnut Street in Dover, and worked as a fireman at the steel mill. He was survived by his wife, Dolores, and a daughter, Suzanne.

This series concludes in “Long & Short of it (Part 4).”

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