1800s Pfouts residence – still standing?

This latest whisper across the campfire comes from Dawn James. She’s a resident of the northern West Virginia panhandle, about 30 miles from Harrison County, and a descendant of Ida Foutz Moreland, one of my great-grandpa Vance Cleveland’s older sisters.

I connected with Dawn on Ancestry.com awhile back, and gratefully snagged this pic of great-great aunt Ida:

great-great aunt Ida

Ida is Dawn’s great-great grandmother. She’s one of seven children of Jonathan and Rebecca Foutz. I found Ida’s married name, and her husband, Thomas, in an obituary search several weeks back. She died tragically young, at 44. And beyond digging up that info, I hadn’t done much more than also finding a death certificate for an infant daughter of hers, also named Ida, born relatively late in her life, in 1912, when she was nearly 40.

But these Harrison County Foutzes were farming folk, and their families were big. So, I assumed there were more children of Ida and Thomas. I had started filling out the branches for Ida’s older siblings, Sherman, Rachel and Lila Hathaway, and that’s where I left off.

Dawn is a descendant of Ida’s and Thomas’s son, Sherman. And she is in close touch with her great uncle, Sherman’s son, Carl. According to Carl, Sherman was born in his grandfather Gideon’s cabin. (You’ll remember Gideon as my great-great-great grandfather, father to Jonathan, common ancestors to Dawn and me.) Moreover, Carl says that Gideon’s cabin is still standing.

If that’s so, it would probably be in good old section 20 of Township 13, Range 6, which in my last post I showed is still visible in today’s satellite imagery, some 135 years after the detailed 1875 map that showed Gideon farming those 80 acres.

Oh yeah, and Dawn also shared two pictures of the cabin. Freaking far out, right?

Gideon Pfouts's cabin in Monroe Twp., Harrison County, OH

and birthplace of one confirmed Moreland!

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2 thoughts on “1800s Pfouts residence – still standing?

  1. Dawn

    This relative of yours… Dawn James… sounds pretty cool. : )

    • Preemptive reports of her lameness were obviously incorrect. That Ida Foutz branch of the family, it’s really something! ;-D

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