Sherrodsville, Ohio – Stomping Grounds of Great-Great-Greats

parents to Rebecca Caldwell, wife of Jonathan Foutz

Meet Robert & Rachel (Cramblett) Caldwell

Foutz legend — or at least Sherman Foutz’s bio in a Berks County, PA history book — states that Jonathan Foutz and his eventual wife Rebecca Jane Caldwell were both born on the old Foutz farm and homestead in Harrison County, OH.

But evidence from the death records of Rebecca’s parents, pictured above, show that they eventually settled in Sherrodsville, about 7 miles northwest of Bowerston.

That’s the town stamped on the photo card of my great-great-great grandparents. The card reads Sherrodsville Art Gallery. Which could mean the photo was developed by the gallery, or that this portrait was part of an exhibit on 19th century residents.

I found the photo among my Grandma Erma Foutz’s box of family clippings, snapshots, wedding announcements, funeral cards and other assorted keepsakes. There was also a yellowed clipping of Robert and Rachel’s daughter (my great-great grandmother) Rebecca’s obituary, which detailed several other living brothers and sisters, many still located in Sherrodsville. This means that Grandma Erma most likely inherited the box from my Grandpa Don Foutz, who in turn likely inherited it from his father, my great-grandpa Vance Cleveland Foutz, who cared for his mother, Rebecca, after his father, Jonathan passed away, from 1900 until her death, in his Dover home, in 1915.

What do we know, though, about Robert Caldwell and Rachel Cramblett? Rachel (1827-1918) is descended from at least one John Cramblett, and probably a second. In 1814 the elder John Cramblett, a surveyor, platted the land on which Deersville, OH is situated. He came from Maryland. Robert (1822-1890) was born in Virginia. His father, Robert Sr., was born in York, PA.

Robert and Rachel’s marriage is recored in the Historical Collections of Harrison County, page 591:

Robert Caldwell and Rachel Cramblett, March 20, 1845, by Rev. Robert Cook.

So, at the time of Robert’s death, he and Rachel had been married for 45 years. A photo-worthy union, to say the least.

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