Yes, We Set a Date. Now Cut the Cards. It’s Your Deal.

In keeping with the true intention of the “quickie post” category I set up awhile back, thought I’d share the great newspaper clipping we came across, without a lot of preamble, sourcing, etc.

Anybody who spent any length of time visiting my Grandma Foutz probably played cards with her at one time or another. Skip-Bo was certainly a favorite by the time the grandkids were shuffling. And members of certain older generations in Tuscarawas County probably know a clean couple dozen games using your standard 52-card deck.

But I never heard the story of how Grandma and Grandpa got engaged. I guess I still don’t know that story, and can only guess at how they met: was it through her employment at Greer Steel? (Although Grandpa was working someplace else at the time.)

Anyway, here’s a neat little ditty about how they announced their wedding date to friends.

The image above is the actual playing card with their announcement decorating the front of it. I didn’t do more than scan it, of course. But they were married for nearly 39 years. If I had to guess the value of what’s underneath, I’d like to think it’s an Ace.

Now, if anyone can tell me why they were married at 6:45 a.m., I’d love to know!

Don Foutz & Erma Johnson wedding announcement, probably from the Times Reporte

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4 thoughts on “Yes, We Set a Date. Now Cut the Cards. It’s Your Deal.

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  3. Sam Foutz

    What’s weird is that it says Grandma was in a sorority at Dover??? Did they have organizations like this in High School back in the day…Random note to figure out…

    • Not so weird, but I’m not sure of the origin. Would have been after she graduated from Phila, since the sorority was in Dover. I’ll post some pics later today or tomorrow of Grandma with her sorority gals. Was probably just an independent organization back then. Or maybe she received additional training at a school and this was something from that.

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