Alpha Pi Sigma Girls of Yesteryear

Girls from the Mu Chapter, Dover, Ohio, of Alpha Pi Sigma sorority, clowning around, c. 1940s. Erma Johnson is far right.

Hey all,

This is the long-intended follow-up post to Sam’s question about Grandma Foutz’s sorority back in the 1940s.

The short answer? I don’t know. It’s not something I remember her talking about. But the reference in her engagement announcement, as well as several photos I came across in her files, offer some clues.

Long answer is that a Google search for Alpha Pi Sigma sorority turns up:

* a sorority founded in 1990 at a west coast university to serve as a sisterhood organization for Latina women

* several women of grandma’s generation who note their sorority membership in corporate bios and in their obituaries; some from Ohio and even the Dover area, though none with the same chapter designation (Mu) as grandma

My best guess is that this either was an independent organization or one tied to some form of secondary education. The Mu chapter seems to have been active in Dover in the late 1930’s and throughout the 1940’s. Grandma most likely would have picked up her affiliation not from New Philadelphia, where she went to school, but from work or other circles in Dover.

According to Dad, several of the women mentioned in her engagement announcements were gals she palled around with in some of the photos on this page. The photos themselves bear no names, but we can pick grandma out pretty easily.

A more formal pic of Mu chapter, Erma Johnson is middle, right.

Those darling Mu chapter girls from Alpha Pi Sigma once again. Erma Johnson is far left.

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