July 24: A New Entry in the Family Datebook

In honor of my brother Dan Foutz’s marriage to Laura Hicks this week, I thought I’d share a few of the milestones family members past and present have in common with the soon-to-be-wedded’s chosen month.

For those of you we’ll be celebrating with in Oregon — see you soon!

For Dan & Laura — congrats! And Laura, welcome to the family tree.

Great-grandparents Viola Palmer and Charles Johnson were married July 1, 1911 in Dennison, Ohio.

July Family Milestones

1 — WEDDING of Charles Arthur Johnson and Viola Palmer

Great-grandparents. Parents to Grandma Erma (Johnson) Foutz Miller. They are the only couple in the family — that we know of — to share a wedding month with Dan and Laura. They were married in Dennison, OH on July 1, 1911 — 99 years ago! She was 22; he was 24. They were married 47 years.

4 — Esther Bliss (Goddard) Weible

My great-great grandmother, mother to Robert Ohio Weible. She was born July 4, 1852 in Londonderry, Vermont.

Grandma Ley

6 — Suzanne Abbott (Weible) Ley

Grandma. Born July 6, 1918 in Dover, Ohio.

10 — Ellen Jane (Kinsey) Ley

Born 1874 in Port Washington, Ohio. Great-great-great aunt, and mother of Jane Ley.

Great-great-great uncle Albert Weible

13 — Albert Weible

Great-great-great uncle, and brother to great-great-grandfather Franklin Eli Weible (R.O.’s dad). Born 1852 in Dover. He was a schoolteacher.

13 — Rebecca Jane (Caldwell) Foutz

Great-great grandmother. Born July 13, 1847, it was said (in a bio of her oldest son, Sherman) that she and her husband, Jonathan Pfouts, were born on the same homestead, that of our great-great-great grandfather Gideon Pfouts. After her husband died in 1900, at just 55 years old, she lived with her son, Vance, and his wife, Laura, in Dover, where she passed away in 1915.

13 — Joseph Blough Weible

Another birthday on July 13, this time in 1836. Another great-great-great uncle, another brother of Franklin Eli. Born in Dover, he was a farmer, and lived to be 92.

20 — Norman Johnson

Great-great uncle. Brother of Great-Grandpa Charles Johnson. Born in 1910 in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

24 — Delila Ann (Foutz) Hathaway

The ancestor who shares Dan & Laura’s special day, was born in 1869 in Bowerston, Ohio. She is the oldest sister of our great-grandpa, Vance Cleveland Foutz. She was named for our great-great-great grandmother, Delilah Ann (Jones) Pfouts. She married Sam Hathaway in 1890 when she was 20. They were married 46 years. They made their home in Dennison, Ohio. She died in 1936 at age 66 following a three-week bout with pneumonia. She is buried in Tunnel Hill Cemetery, northwest of where she grew up in Harrison County.

Great-grandma Beatrice Ethel (Morgan) Weible -- or M.A. Weible -- about 1910.

27 — Beatrice Ethel (Morgan) Weible

Our great-grandmother. Mother to Grandma Sue (Weible) Ley. Known as M.A. Weible, she was a beloved friend and confidante to our mom. She was born July 27, 1892 in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. According to our dad, she wore her hair like she did in this picture her entire life. Dan’s middle name, of course, honors her family, the Morgans, who emigrated from Wales about 1870.

30 — Samuel Chase Foutz

Our little bro! Born in 1986. We were sent to play at the Dover ballfields and park in the care of our Ley cousins, Doreen, Andrea and Lizzie. I remember staying at Grandma and Grandpa Ley’s house and getting the news as Mom underwent a C-section to get Sam into the world. Though Sam can point to a famous signer of the Declaration of Independence as historic inspiration for his name, Dan and I mainly think it’s because of the red-headed hell child on “Different Strokes”.

31 — Eliza J. Foutz

Our third great aunt, depending on how you do the family intermarriage mathematics. As I related in that post a couple months back, Elizabeth J. Fouts was the daughter of Joseph Pfouts. Joseph was the nephew of our great-great-great grandfather, Gideon. (Joseph’s dad was Gideon’s oldest brother, Michael.) What happens is that one of Gideon’s sons, Nathaniel (a younger brother of our great-great grandfather, Jonathan) marries Elizabeth — his first cousin’s daughter. So, Nathaniel’s first cousin became his father-in-law.

Eliza was born in 1862, about five years after Nathaniel. They were married in 1822, when he was 25, and she was 19. They had two kids — Annie, born soon after their marriage, and William, born some 11 years later. Not much is known about Annie. But William Andrew Fouts (he kept the S spelling) lived 82 years, dying in 1977 in Urichsville, Ohio. As for Nathaniel and Eliza, they took over Gideon’s land as he and Delilah grew older, and passed away within 6 years of each other. They were married over 50 years, as of Eliza’s death, in 1933.

Nathan & Eliza's headstone, Long View Cemetery, Bowerston, Ohio

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7 thoughts on “July 24: A New Entry in the Family Datebook

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  4. Doreen Ley

    It’s July 28,’72…. Also, one of the Berenzweig boys has a birthday on the 15th as well. Can’t remember if it’s Jay or John, though!!! Might want to check up on that..

    • Sounds like another case of… not entering info into Geni! ;-D But it’s nice to know that July has a lot of company.

  5. Doreen Ley

    You forgot my sister ANDREA’s birthday!!! It’s July 28th!! Doreen

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