Catching up with History

Campfire record: April to July, 2010

In a week when some of the family will be gathering out west in Oregon to celebrate Dan and Laura’s wedding, I thought it might be nice to gather up the fabric of this blog, as it were.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in the first four months of Whispering Across the Campfire. Shared some stories, connected some dots, come face to face with ancestors, both beloved and forgotten, renowned and mysterious.

Have you missed out on any residual log-crackling and ember glow? Well, below is a guide to catch you up. A quick tour through the ground we’ve covered so far, before we move on and stake out camp in the next clearing.

1. Life: the Long and Short of it (Part 1)

Tells of Sherman Foutz‘s rise to prominence and untimely death.

2. Long and Short of it (Part 2)

Details the tragic, water-related deaths of three Johnson brothers in the 1930s.

Dolores, Roy & Suzanne Foutz

3. Long and Short of it (Part 3)

Tells of Grandpa Don Foutz’s oldest brother, Roy Vance Foutz.

4. Long and Short of it (Part 4)

Introduces great-great-great grandparents Gideon and Delilah Pfouts and their long life in Harrison County.

5. Putting Faces to Family History (Part 1)

Begins to detail the tragic deaths in the Robert Earl Ley Sr. family.

6. Faces to Family History (Part 2)

Great-Grandmother Mary Zula Lucrece (Fisher) Ley‘s life and tragic death.

Fisher family. A young Great-Grandma Zula is top left.

7. Faces to Family History (Part 3)

Life after Zula’s death takes Robert Earl Ley Jr. to his Fisher grandparents.

8. Faces to Family History (Part 4)

A closer look at the Fisher family, who helped care for Robert Earl Ley Jr. after his mother’s passing.

9. New Pics of Charles and Viola Johnson

First quickie post shares glimpses of great-grandparents, in youth and as older couple.

10. Old Pfouts Gideon Had a Farm…

Remarkable aerial pics – and meticulous research – show the location of the historic Foutz homestead today.

Great-great Aunt Ida Belle (Foutz) Moreland

11. 1800s Pfouts Residence – Still Standing?

Pics of Gideon’s log cabin and granddaughter, Ida, whose descendant claims the structure may still stand.

12. Yorkshire, Wales or Yorkshire, England?

Spelling and transcription errors make locating family origins problematic.

13. Ancestral profile: Charles A. Ley

First Ley in America settled in Shanesville, Ohio.

Timothy Baxter Goddard

14. Ancestral profile: Timothy Baxter Goddard

Life story and pics of great-great-great grandfather, who came to Ohio from Vermont following the Civil War.

15. Otheo Weible and the Moravian Church Choir

Pic of the Dover crooners in 1890.

16. Don Foutz and Dover Football

Pics and stats from the Dover squads of 1929 and 1930.

17. Ancestral Profile: Joseph Pfouts

Nephew of Great-great-great Grandfather Gideon Pfouts: Joseph’s daughter, Eliza, married Gideon’s son, Nathaniel.

18. Sherrodsville, Ohio – Stomping Ground of Great-Great-Greats

Bio sketch and 19th-century portrait of Robert and Rachel Caldwell, parents to Rebecca (Caldwell) Foutz.

19. A Short History of the Ley Family

Document traces family back to early 1700s in Germany, and The Netherlands before that.

20. Face to Face with Sherman Foutz

Two rare photographs and an obit for esteemed ancestor.

Grandpa Don Foutz and Great-Grandpa Vance Foutz, about 1960

21. A Very Foutz Thanksgiving, 1949

Candid pics and stories of the Vance Cleveland Foutz family.

22. Ancestral Profile: Charles Henry Ley

Life and political aspirations of great-great grandfather detailed in Powell history book and 1912 advertisement.

23. Johnson Siblings – Way Back When…

Pics and bio sketches of 10 children of Charles and Viola Johnson.

24. Yes, We Set a Date…

1942 engagement announcement for Don & Erma Foutz.

25. Alpha Pi Sigma Girls

Candid pics of Erma Johnson and pals, c. 1940.

26. In Memoriam: Virginia (Johnson) Knisely

Obit for great-aunt, who passed away July 11 at 95.

27. July 24: A New Entry in the Family Datebook

July family birthdays and weddings throughout history, on the occasion of Dan & Laura’s wedding.

Are these Foutzes? Found this in Grandma Foutz's records. Hopefully we'll ID them in a future post.

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