Up, up & away… into matrimony

Well, our wives think we're super, at least!

Well, most of the flying Foutzes (and Leys) have returned from a glorious weekend in Oregon, where we welcomed the newest (outlaw) addition to the family.

Dan and Laura (and Brady!), may you enjoy many, many years of happiness. And share the ride with us!

It had been 8 years since we celebrated Katie’s and my wedding down in Kansas City. At this rate, Jake will tie the knot sometime in 2018, and Sam in 2o26. I don’t think, at 52, I’ll be as spry at Sam’s bachelor party (Ashtiba, will you announce yourself soon?), but maybe Jonah can play host. He’ll *almost* be of age!

For those who weren’t able to join us out west — and even for those who were — here’s a link to the Facebook pics Katie and I posted after touching down at Midway last night.

There’s loads more that others took. Sam, Roy, et al., feel free to post your public Facebook links in comments below.

And let’s all get together again soon!

I guess we're still the young married Foutzes...

... just not as young as those "other" married Foutzes.

Yes, eight years ago. And we're still feeling bubbly about it!

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4 thoughts on “Up, up & away… into matrimony

  1. Whitney Foutz

    Awwww… congrats Dan and Laura!!!

  2. … I DID wear a white dress to our own wedding! 🙂

  3. By the way, that pic on the left is me as matron of honor and Colt as wedding singer at my best friend’s wedding in 2004.

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