Six generations of Foutzes, pictured

While the Foutzes were busy gathering in Oregon for a wedding, another branch of the family — the Morelands — were gathering back home in Ohio for a reunion.

Distant cousin — and fellow family historian — Dawn James and I have only been trading messages for a few months now, but in that time we’ve swapped hundreds of years worth of interesting tidbits.

The latest come courtesy of Dawn’s great uncle, Carl Moreland, a descendant of my great-grandfather Vance Foutz’s sister, Ida.

Carl attended the Moreland family reunion in New Phila this past weekend, and came back with some great historic pics that helped put some more faces to our family tree. Thanks, Carl!

I’ll get into more stories behind these family members later. For now, you can look them up in last week’s index of blog posts so far. And follow the tree backwards from its littlest apples, my sons, Jonah and Ben.

It goes: Jonah & Ben — Colt & Katie — Fred & Janet — Don & Erma — Vance & Laura — Jonathan & Rebecca.

There are at least two generations farther back that I’ve traced the Foutzes to, and for which I would love to find portraits, pictures, sketches — anything. But for now, great-great-great grandparents Gideon and Delilah (Jones) Pfouts and great-great-great-great grandparents Michael and Catharine Pfouts remain names, tied to stories. How much more real do those stories seem when we can look into their eyes.

Jonah Foutz, July 2010: 3 years, 10 months

Ben Foutz, July 2010: 1 year, 10 months

Colt Foutz, April 2004: 27 years, 10 months

Katie (Knutson) Foutz, September 2002: 25 years, 9 months

Fred Foutz, June 1994 -- 42 years

Janet (Ley) Foutz, June 1994 -- 42 years

Donald Dale Foutz, 1914-1980

Erma Maxine (Johnson) Foutz, 1920-2000

Vance Cleveland Foutz, 1887-1968

Laura (Zeigler) Foutz, 1885-1956

Jonathan Foutz, 1845-1900

Rebecca Jane (Caldwell) Foutz, 1847-1915

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