Tornadoes Time Warp #4

From a Dover-Phila preview later in the 1931 season. The Kelker brothers, better known as Spider, left, and Doc. Just wee freshman and sophomore, respectively, in 1931, they would go on to become storied Dover athletes. Doc's heroics in this game, despite an injured leg, kept the Crimsons on the victorious path. Doc would go on to multi-sport success in college as well... but more on that later.

– 1931 Dover Football – Game 4

Dover Swamps Big Red Outfit By Score Of 22-0;

Get 15 In Last Period

Game coverage from the Times-Reporter:

By Hal Jenkins

They returned to form Saturday, those Crimsons, and turned back Orrville’s big team by the decided margin of 22 to 0. Fifteen points were tallied in the last quarter as the Dover offensive, which had lagged in the second and third periods, clicked better than it has since the 40-0 victory over Carrollton.

Coach Herman Rearick, as he has in every game this season, used practically all of his players. Exactly six substituted at end, four at tackle, two at center, three at guard, one at quarterback, one at fullback and four at halfback.

Substitutes Whole Team

Before the half Rearick sent in an entire second team, came back at the start of the third quarter with the starting aggregation and then, in the middle of the fourth period, sifted third and fourth stringers into the fray.

Frank Kelker, veteran end, was held on the bench until the start of the fourth period. He was in the game for only four plays, carried the ball twice and trotted 25 yards for a touchdown. his other run, of six yards, gave Dover a needed first down. Kelker was given an ovation when he went into the game and an even bigger one as he left. he had an injured leg and Rearick took no chances.

[[[Read the full game story by clicking the small picture below!]]]


When: Saturday, Oct. 10, 1931

Where: Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds, Dover

Result: Dover 22, Orrville 0. Dover improves to 3-1 on the season.

Notable: The previous season, Dover squeaked by Orrville, 13-12, to win its first game of 1930, improving to 1-2-1.

Also notable: The game featured the first play-by-play over a public address system. The gimmick was such a hit with the crowd, the operators were planning to return for the annual Dover-Phila Thanksgiving grudge match.

Previous game: Playing away, Dover fell to Wooster to drop its first game of 1931.

Next game: Oct. 17, home, against Akron North


Keys to the game Whatever was missing in the Crimsons’ miserable loss to Wooster the previous week was regained here.

Blocking in all facets of the game freed Dover runners and led to opportunistic scoring. Jenkins notes blocking that sprung Dover quarterback Don Godfrey for a long punt return; then, after Dover lost the ball on downs deep in Orrville territory, Crimsons right tackle Eugene Horn broke through the Orrville line to block its punt and notch a safety.

Rearick relied on extensive substitution, and the second-, third- and even fourth-stringers held their opponents in check.

Big end Frank “Doc” Kelker added to his legend by making a difficult six-yard play on fourth down to keep a Dover drive alive; then scored a 25-yard touchdown later in that series.

In-game sequence Dover’s starters had re-entered the game at the start of the third quarter and quickly gained ground, but stalled at the Orrville 15 following a fumble by fullback Zuchegno. Enter Doc Kelker:

It was fourth down and five to go. … They gave (Kelker) the ball on the triple-pass play and he drove six yards for a first down. Maurer and “Spider” Kelker picked up nine yards on two tries and “Doc” then repeated his triple-pass play for 25 yards and a touchdown. His twin brother plunged for the extra point.

Top performers Frank Kelker and Fred Souers ran for touchdowns; Don Mason caught a 30-yard pass from Don Foutz for the game’s first touchdown; Eugene Horn blocked a punt for a safety.

Don Foutz’s line –

1 touchdown (passing)

1 extra point

1 point total

Passes of 30 and 25 yards noted in the game article; no runs or punts noted.

Related Family Glory —

David “Scoop” Wible was mentioned as a sub at the tackle position. Marion Archinal, who could be related to Grandpa Foutz through one of his mother Laura Zeigler Foutz’s sisters, also saw action as a starting guard after being out due to illness.

Quotable –

“Many squawks from bleacherites about youngsters crowding the sidelines on the Dover side. High school officials had better do something about this or it will hurt attendance. A fence or capable deputy police will turn the trick. It doesn’t happen on other football fields.”


Each week, this series runs in tandem with the 2010 Dover (Ohio) Tornadoes football schedule to share historic game-by-game summaries of Dover’s 1931 season, in which Colt Foutz’s grandfather, Don Foutz, played a starring role. Game stories and photos are excerpted from Don Foutz’s football scrapbook, with thanks to Fred Foutz. How did Dover do this week (in 2010)? Get the latest Dover Tornadoes news from the Sports section of The Times-Reporter.

Some game action from 1931. Not sure what side we're looking at in the foreground, since the number don't seem to match up with positions in the Dover roster printed in the game program I have. We could be seeing Dover in the background here, on defense. Feel free to comment with your (perhaps more educated) guesses.

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