Tornadoes Time Warp #5

The Dover Crimsons would need Don Foutz's kicking toe to prove more accurate as they faced the meat of their 1931 schedule. Following a glorious 4-1 start, they were set to meet unbeaten -- and not scored-upon -- Millersburg in week 6.

– 1931 Dover Football – Game 5

Score 18 Points in Last Quarter, Take Victory Over North

Game coverage from the Times-Reporter:

By Hal Jenkins

Vikings, or men of the North — sturdy fellows — failed to emulate deeds of their eighth century piratical namesakes, Saturday, at the fairgrounds. Their pilgrimage of plunder fell short — very short indeed.

Crimsons swarmed all over them like defenders of the queen of the honey colony. And there were no drones in the ranks of the conquering forces.

Every Dover high gridder had a part in that 37 to 7 victory over Akron North.

But headliners in the cast included Don Godfrey, because of his smart quarterbacking and bullet passes; Trevor Rees, a defensive demon; Frank Kelker, defender of the flank de luxe and forward pass receiver of note; Acting Captain Don Foutz, for his passing and running; Fred Kelker, he of the swaying hips and tricky feet who ran 70 yards for a touchdown on a kickoff in the fourth quarter.

Unable to do much with North’s heavy line the Crimsons resorted to forward passing and a deceptive running attack which resulted in six touchdowns. The Vikings never got within the 35-yard line until substitutes were in the lineup. And then they rushed for their only tally.

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When: Saturday, Oct. 17, 1931

Where: Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds, Dover

Result: Dover 37, Akron North 7. Dover improves to 4-1 on the season.

Notable: The previous season, Dover tied Akron at home, 0-0, continuing a stalemate of a season with a record of 1-2-2.

Also notable: The Crimsons were hitting their stride just as they faced their toughest contest of the season the following week. Mighty Millersburg was set to visit the Fairgrounds, with a 5-0 record and 216 points scored to ZERO from their opponents.

Previous game: Dover blanked Orrville at home, 22-0.

Next game: Oct. 24, home, against Millersburg


Keys to the game – Brilliant individual performances set the Crimsons apart from their Viking visitors.

Quarterback Don Godfrey passed for two scores, of 19 and 16 yards, respectively, and ran for a third.

Don Foutz scored on a five-yard reverse play.

Trevor Rees scored on a 3o-yard interception.

Fred “Spider” Kelker broke loose for a 70-yard kickoff return for a touchdown to put an end to Akron North.

In-game sequence – In the fourth quarter, second- and third-stringers took over for Dover, and Akron North at last found momentum, driving the ball downfield and scoring on a three-yard run. Then they got set for the kickoff.

Then came the most sparkling feat of the afternoon. Fred Kelker took North’s kickoff on Dover’s 30-yard line, sprinted for the sidelines and then dodged and sidestepped his way through Akron’s entire team for a 70-yard run and the sixth touchdown. He was aided by some excellent blocking along the sidelines.

Top performers – See above.

Don Foutz’s line

1 touchdown rushing

1 extra point kicked (5 others missed, all wide right)

7 points total

Touchdown run of 5 yards (on a reverse around end) noted in article.

Quotable –

“The Crimsons showed more than they have all season. But will they next Saturday against powerful Millersburg? And, if they do, will it be enough to stop a team that has scored 216 points in five games and has not been scored upon? Undoubtedly Millersburg has a stronger team than any Dover has yet played. The Crimsons this week will ‘point’ for the Holmes-co lads. They won’t be handicapped by cripples and should be at the peak of form when the fairgrounds bleachers pack Saturday for this talked-about tussle.”


Each week, this series runs in tandem with the 2010 Dover (Ohio) Tornadoes football schedule to share historic game-by-game summaries of Dover’s 1931 season, in which Colt Foutz’s grandfather, Don Foutz, played a starring role. Game stories and photos are excerpted from Don Foutz’s football scrapbook, with thanks to Fred Foutz. How did Dover do this week (in 2010)? Get the latest Dover Tornadoes news from the Sports section of The Times-Reporter.

Trevor Rees, Center, Crimsons. He anchored the powerful Crimsons offense, and broke Akron North's spirit on defense by scoring on a 30-yard interception return.

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