Dover vs. Phila 1931 – Dream Crimsons’ Season on the Line

1931 Dover football coach Bup Rearick

Tornadoes Time Warp | Dover Looks for 10th Win in 11 Games

The 1931 Dover Crimsons had been a team like no other in the history of Roosevelt High School.

Among the team’s firsts:

* first Dover team to win more than 7 games. With the New Phila game to go, they already had a 2-win edge on the 1926 (7-0-2) and 1928 squads (7-3).

* most wins by an alum as coach. OK, so Herman Rearick was only the second Dover grad to serve as head coach. And Grover Roseberry only coached two seasons — 1904 and 1905, in which he was 5-0-2. But “Bup” had made a mighty impression in his rookie season wearing the whistle.

* most wins at home in a season — 7, with one game to go

* highest state ranking — 5th

* fewest points allowed — 44, with one game to go

* most defensive shutouts — 6 (tied with the 1927 squad)

* most safeties in one season — 2, against Orrville and Millersburgh (HINT: with 1 game still to go)

* most yards rushing, in one game — Don Foutz, 209, vs. Uhrichsville

* most PATs, in one game — Don Godfrey, 3, Newcomerstown

* first Dover team to beat Massillon since 1908. In four contests since then, Dover had lost 26-0, 67-0, 41-0 and 46-0 before notching its 6-0 victory in 1931.

Now the Crimsons were preparing for their 1931 finale against their crosstown nemeses, the New Philadelphia Quakers, who had bested Dover in all but 4 of the previous 20 years.

The Crimsons were counting on the type of chemistry that had propelled them to dynamic wins in all but their week three downer against Wooster. Game after game, Dover had come to count not just on its stellar starting 11, but the regular second-, third- and even fourth-string squads Rearick sent in all season. But if you were charting the names that had helped ink the team’s 9-1 record, with 187 points scored and just 44 allowed through 10 games, it would read something like this:

Don Foutz — 9 TDs rushing, 1 TD passing, 9 PATs (kicking) — 63 points

Frank “Doc” Kelker — 4 TDs rushing, 2 TDs receiving — 36 points

Fred “Spider” Kelker — 3 TDs rushing, 1 kickoff return TD, 1 PAT run — 25 points

Don Godfrey — 1 TD rushing, 4 TDs passing, 3 PATs (run) — 9 points

Fred Souers — 2 TDs rushing, 1 PAT (run) — 13 points

Tom Mason — 2 TDs receiving — 12 points

Trevor Rees — 1 INT returned 30 yds for TD — 6 points

Earl Mauer — 1 TD rushing — 6 points

Art Zuchegno — 1 TD rushing — 6 points

Gene Horn — blocked punt in end zone for safety — 2 points

Jim Gano — 1 PAT (run) — 1 point

The Quakers had started strong, winning their first 3 games before dropping 4 of 5 down the stretch to hobble into the fairgrounds at 4-5. Meanwhile, Dover was riding high on a 7-game winning streak in which it had allowed just 13 points. Still, it would take the staunchest efforts of the Crimsons’ cadre of stars, plus their rollicksome reserves, to quell the upset Thanksgiving Day.

1931 Dover Crimsons coach Herman "Bup" Rearick1931 Dover Crimsons center Trevor Rees1931 Dover Crimsons halfback Don Foutz1931 Dover Crimsons Don and Dale Godfrey1931 Dover Crimsons Fred and Fred Kelker


Each week, this series runs in tandem with the 2010 Dover (Ohio) Tornadoes football schedule to share historic game-by-game summaries of Dover’s 1931 season, in which Colt Foutz’s grandfather, Don Foutz, played a starring role. Game stories and photos are excerpted from Don Foutz’s football scrapbook, with thanks to Fred Foutz. How did Dover do this week (in 2010)? Get the latest Dover Tornadoes news from the Sports section of The Times-Reporter.


1931 Dover Crimsons football schedule

This 1931 Dover schedule card was likely written on by my great-grandfather Vance Foutz, or his wife, Laura, since the game program bears similar handwriting and a crossed-out result. If Don Foutz were keeping score himself, how would he have gotten it wrong? And how would he have done it during the game, as a player? At any rate, I paintshopped out the final scores, etc. for this game "preview". The totals at left are my grandpa's points for each game.

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