Decembers to Remember | Foutz-Ley Birthdays & Weddings

Janet Ley Fred Foutz Wedding 1975

Foutz-Ley Family | December Birthdays & Weddings

Back in July, I published our first family history calendar, in celebration of my brother Dan’s wedding.

This month, we honor Mom and Dad’s 35th anniversary by looking at the numerous family birthdays and anniversaries in December, including Dan’s bride Laura’s birthday, as well as my own wife’s.

Sure, for many December is a time to hold beeswax candles high on Christmas Eve, or rise early as you can the next morning to see what loot jolly Santa/s have deposited under the tree. But for these special few, love, and life, blossomed in this first month of winter.

Put that under your mistletoe!



Birth of great aunt Virginia (Johnson) Knisely, in 1914, and great-great aunt Myrtle Palmer, in 1880. Myrtle, fifth child of my great-great-great grandparents George and Amanda Palmer, and an older sister of my great-great grandmother, Viola Mae (Palmer) Johnson, lived just 5 days. Virginia, oldest sister of my grandmother, Erma (Johnson) Foutz, passed away this summer at age 95.

Virginia Johnson Ernie Knisely 1987 family reunion

Great aunt Virginia with husband Ernie Knisely at the 1987 Johnson family reunion. Virginia passed away in 2010 at age 95.


Birthday of new sister-in-law Laura (Hicks) Foutz. She celebrated her 31st this year!

Dan Foutz Laura Hicks wedding July 2010

From Dan & Laura's wedding in Oregon, July 2010.


Katie (Knutson) Foutz, born in Rochester, MN, during a crazy (so-I’m-told) snowstorm, 1977.

Katie Knutson Foutz wedding September 2002

Katie, on our wedding day, Sept. 21, 2002.


Birth of great-great grandfather, Franklin Eli Weible, 1845 near Canal Dover, Ohio.

Franklin Eli Weible


A unique milestone in the Ley-Weible family — the 1904 marriage, in Port Washington, Ohio, of Edwin F. Weible (nephew of my great-great grandfather, Franklin Eli) to Minnie Mae Ley (sister of my great-great grandfather, Charles Henry Ley). Some 40 years later, Charles Henry Ley’s grandson, Robert Earl Jr., would marry Franklin Weible’s granddaughter, Suzanne Weible. Bob and Sue, being, of course, my grandparents.

Edwin Frederick Weible

Edwin Frederick even looks like a Weible in this bad photocopy. Happily, he married a Ley.


Birthday of great-grandmother, Christina Laurina Katherina (Zeigler) Foutz, in 1885. Also of her husband Vance Foutz’s nephew, Oscar, in 1888 (he was just a year younger than Vance, since his father, Sherman, Vance’s oldest brother, was some 20 years Vance’s senior), and of great uncle Carl Johnson, in 1918.

Laura K. Foutz

Laura K. (Zeigler) Foutz


Carl Johnson

Great Uncle Carl Johnson


Birth of great-great-great uncle Nathaniel Foutz (a younger son of great-great-great grandpa Gideon Foutz), in 1856.


Marriage of great-great-great uncle Howard Augustus Ley (a brother of Charles Henry Ley) to Nellie Williams, 1906 in Punxsutawney, Pa.


Birth of Kathryn (Reif) Fisher, wife of great-great uncle Clyde Fisher, in 1888. My great-grandfather, Robert Earl Ley Sr., and his young bride, Zula Fisher, lived with her older brother’s family in New Philadelphia after the birth of my grandpa, Robert Earl Jr., and up to the tragic stillbirth of their second child and Zula’s resulting death.

Also the birth of Kathryn’s neice, Carrie Mae Fisher, in 1923.


Kathryn (Reif) Fisher

Kathryn (Reif) Fisher


Marriage of my parents, Frederick Charles Foutz and Janet Louise Ley, in 1975. Also the birth of my niece, Symara McLemore Knutson, in 2009!

Symara McLemore Knutson


Birth of great-grandmother Mary Zula Lucrece (Fisher) Ley, in 1895. Also the birth of great-great uncle Dwight Johnson, brother to my great-grandfather, Charles, in 1900.


Marriage of great-great grandparents John William Fisher and Addie May Smith, in 1887.


John & Addie Fisher Family, New Philadelphia, OH

John and Addie Fisher are front, center. Great-grandma Zula is front, left.


Marriage of aunt Jeanne Ley to uncle Roy Leatherbury, in 1970. They celebrate 40 years this December.

Jeanne Ley Roy Leatherbury wedding 1970


Birth of my nephew — and godson! — Brady Dane Foutz Martinez, in 2005. He’s 5 this year!

Brady Dan Laura Foutz July 2010


Birth of great uncle Thomas Leonard Johnson, my grandma’s oldest bro, in 1912.


Johnson siblings 1979

The living Johnson siblings, in 1979. Oldest bro Leonard is far right. My grandma, Erma, is center.

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  1. Janet Ley foutz

    Happily we celebrate our 35th!!!!

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