Charles Ley – A Man & His Minorcas

Charles Henry Ley, Port Washington, Ohio

Great-Great Grandpa Charles Henry Ley

C.H. Ley’s Chickens | 1908 American Poultry Journal Ad

We know of my great-great grandfather’s apprenticeship, from about 1882-1895 in his father Augustus’s general stores, in Port Washington and Bakersville, Ohio.

And we know of his subsequent career as a traveling salesman for a Pittsburgh dry goods firm.

And we’ve heard of his political career, which began with stints as town councilman and board of education member in Port Washington, and was followed, later, by his election, beginning in 1910, to two terms as Tuscarawas County treasurer.

But of his enterprising life as chicken salesman, I admit to being, until uncovering this advertisement in volume 39 of the American Poultry Journal, somewhat feather-brained:

ROSE COMB BLACK MINORCAS—descendants of Victor, Nortbup’s great $1,000 cock. My pens contain several high scoring prize winners. Mated for best results. Eggs, $2.00 per fifteen. Satisfaction guaranteed. C. H. Ley. Port Washington, Ohio.

In addition to dealing in saddles and horses and dry goods and dogs, turns out our Ley ancestors also knew a thing or two about chickens. In this case, minorcas, a flighty, Spanish breed known for their proclivity to crow earlier than other chickens.

And all you had to do, circa 1908, was write to great-great grandpa C.H. Ley of Port Washington and fork over $2 for 15 eggs to lay claim to your own descendant of the famed $1,000 cock.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Charles Ley raised and sold minorcas

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4 thoughts on “Charles Ley – A Man & His Minorcas

  1. I jumped back here in the archives to get to know you. Out of curiosity – how did you find my site?

    • Hi gpcox — and thanks for perusing the blog. If I remember correctly — and I know it’s only been a couple days, but they’ve been busy ones — I think WordPress suggested your blog as one I might be interested in through the overall author portal or dashboard. Nice, right? Either that, or you had noticed and liked one of my posts earlier last week and I went to your blog to check it out. I’ve written about several of my ancestors here who were World War II veterans, so I appreciate what you’ve been writing about and sharing over there. Keep up the great work!


      Colt Foutz

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