Christmases Past, Pictured – Foutz/Ley Family History

Merry Christmas | Some Pics to Remember

Wishing you a season of celebration with those near and dear to you, and all the best in the new year.

I thought I’d share a few snapshots from Christmases past I have filed away. You’ll probably recognize a few of the folks in them.

Remember, you can add your own pics to Attach them to an occasion, say, Christmas at Grandma’s, 1984, or put them in a folder: Ley New Year Extravaganzas, etc.

I know there are boxes full of ’em out there.

Bob, Donn, Fred Foutz Xmas 1950s

From left, Bob, Don and Fred Foutz celebrate Christmas, I would guess in the 1950s.

Erma Johnson Foutz Christmas 1950s

Grandma Erma Foutz by the tree, again probably in the 1950s.

Colt Foutz piano Christmas 1977

Me, at the Leys, Christmas 1977. Best... present... ever.

Foutz Christmas 1979 1

Colt and Dan checking the stockings, 1979, with Grandpa Don Foutz and Dad Fred Foutz.

Foutz Christmas 1979 2

Hey! I'm acting, and opening, my age. Another one from Christmas 1979.

Foutz Christmas 1979 3

Dan is putting on a passable expression of glee as he opens... clothes... but there's a firetruck in the background. FAT GUYS FIRETRUCK!

Foutzes January 1978

Skipping back 2 years, nearly all the Foutzes are assembled in Grandma and Grandpa's living room. Dad (Fred) is taking the picture.

Leys Summer 1978

OK, probably not from Christmas, judging by our clothes. But had to get one of Grandma and Grandpa Ley in there. Most of the cousins are pictured, circa 1978. This hung in their kitchen for a long time.

Colt, Dan, Jake, Sam Foutz, Christmas 1989.

There's Sam, always playing the hot dog. The Foutz brothers, waiting on Santa, probably 1988 or 1989.

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One thought on “Christmases Past, Pictured – Foutz/Ley Family History

  1. I love all these pictures! Claaaaaaaaaassic.

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