Jonathan Foutz Family | Lila (Foutz) Hatheway & Descendants

Delilah Ann Foutz Hatheway

Lila (Foutz) Hatheway | 1869-1936

This is the fourth post in a series exploring the family of my great-great grandparents, Jonathan and Rebecca Foutz.

The first post discussed the life of Jonathan Foutz, including his birth and early life as a farmer in Harrison County, Ohio, and the still-unknown circumstances surrounding his early death in 1900 at age 55.

The second post shared the story of Rebecca Caldwell‘s childhood in Bowerston and Sherrodsville, Ohio, and caught up with her again following her husband’s death as she lived her remaining years in the home of her youngest son, my great-grandfather Vance Cleveland Foutz, in Canal Dover.

Third in this series was an exploration of the prominent life, tragic death and remaining mysteries of Jonathan and Rebecca’s oldest child, my great-great uncle, Sherman S. Foutz, and his descendants, known and unknown.

Now, we pick up the thread again with Jonathan and Rebecca’s oldest daughter, Lila.

Whereas the spelling of my surname would change throughout the 1800s, from Pfouts to Pfoutz to Fouts and, finally, Foutz — my first ancestors liked to keep it simple when it came to the given names they chose for their children. Uncles, nieces, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers, nephews, sons, daughters — many could be counted on to share the same Michael, Catherine, John, Jacob, Mary, Elizabeth, Tabitha and Jonathan, etc.  But I haven’t uncovered any evidence — so far — of a Sherman Foutz before my great-great grandparents bestowed it upon their oldest, in 1867. Maybe it was an honorific inspired by the exploits of that great (and terrible) Civil War general.

But the origins of the name they chose for their second child are easy. To the baby born July 24, 1869, near Bowerston, Ohio, was given the name Delilah Ann, after Jonathan’s mother, Delilah Ann Jones. But throughout her life, she would go by Lila.

Birth, Marriage & Motherhood Within a Dozen Miles

Unlike previous generations of farming Foutzes, Lila attended school and learned to read and write at an early age. But I don’t know whether she received any of the advanced schooling her older brother Sherman did.

She became a wife at 21, marrying Samuel George Hatheway Aug. 12, 1889. Sam came from another prominent farming family in the area. His mother, Mary Mahala Fisher’s family were among the early settlers of Harrison County and had farmed near Bowerston for 80 years.

The Hatheways settled near Dennison, west of Tunnel Hill and Bowerston. Their first child, Gertie Belle, born on New Year’s Eve, 1889, died before she reached 6 months. But 6 of their 7 succeeding children would live into adulthood:

* Nellie Jane, born March 1891, would marry Jesse Loren Heavlin in August 1909. They had at least one son, Gilbert. She died in Feb. 1961, at 69.

* Twins James Earl and Frank Merle were born Jan. 21, 1894. James died before his 8th birthday. Frank married Edna Mae Smith in 1918. They lived in Loudonville, Ohio, in Ashland County, before Frank (and maybe both of them) were living at home again in Dennison with his father. I haven’t found any record of children. He died June 23, 1963, also at 69.

* Albert Alonzo “Bob” Hatheway, born October 1897. Married Helen Rectanis. Kids include Helen and Richard. Died March 31, 1955 at age 57 in Scio, Ohio.

* Erma Grace, born March 1899. First marriage to Joseph Healea, in 1897 or 1898. They had at least one child, Mary Ruth, who may not have survived past infancy. The two appear to have been divorced by 1930, and Erma later marries Grover Waldo Johnson. They make their home in Columbus, Ohio for a time, but die within a month of each other in 1984, back home in Tuscarawas County; Erma goes first, in October.

* Herbert Ross, born Nov. 1904. Married Edith Lois Host, Feb. 3, 1921. They had at least five children — Helen (Palmer), Merle Gene, Norma (Page), Donna (Quillen) and Richard — and at the time of his death, in January 1980 at 75, his obituary listed 16 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. He lived his entire life in Dennison.

* Mildred May, born March 1907. Married Ray Byron Gibson Oct. 15, 1924. Lived in Scio, Ohio. Had at least two children — Jack and Betty are listed in the 1930 census. Died Nov. 26, 1994 at age 87.

Sam also made his living as a farmer, and survived his wife by 13 years. Lila may have been in Columbus visiting her daughter Erma and son-in-law Waldo Johnson in June 1936, but she had been sick for several weeks prior. According to her death record, she was treated and operated on in Grant Hospital in Columbus. The cause of death was pneumonia, but the doctor’s (illegible) writing reports something uncovered by the operation that was found to be benign, but that Lila had suffered from for almost three weeks.

She was buried in Tunnel Hill Cemetery, just west of Bowerston.

Sam Hatheway Lila Foutz gravestone Tunnel Hill Cemetery

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9 thoughts on “Jonathan Foutz Family | Lila (Foutz) Hatheway & Descendants

  1. Distant Relative

    A note on Erma. Her daughter, Mary Ruth, survived infancy and is still living, to my knowledge. As are her other two children, Dorothy and Robert, who is my grandfather. Joseph Healea was the son of Sherman Healea, do it might have been popular name at the time. However, Sherman’s eldest brother, William, dies shortly before he was born, in Atlanta. I believe the cause was wounds he sustained from the Battle of Jonesboro.

    Thanks for the wonderful post, ‘cousin’ 🙂

  2. Which Page did Norma marry? I am related to most of the Page family in Uhrichsville/Dennison.

    • Hey, Kristi Hay!

      And… you get the Gold Star! Looks like we’re related through both the Zeiglers and the Foutzes, by way of Hatheways and Pages.

      The link here is Charles Page, who married Lila Foutz’s granddaughter Norma Hatheway. Here’s a link to more about the Hatheways:

      And I’ve already linked up Charles to your tree on Ancestry. Thanks for spotting this… even in posts that aren’t about Zeiglers! ;-D

      • Marjorie (Healea) Miller Dick

        I just came across your blog. Erma Grace was my grandmother and Robert Healea was my father. Erma Grace and Robert Healea had three children, Mary Ruth, Robert John, and Dorothy. My father, Robert passed away in August of this year. Mary Ruth passed away about two years ago and Dorothy is still living in Hudson, Ohio. I found your blog very interesting. I have my grandmother’s pictures which might interest you.

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