Quick Addendum: John Cephas Foutz

Unknown Foutzes - Sherman, Vance, Charles or John?

Who are these guys? Could they be Sherman, John, Charles or Vance Foutz? Or Rachel Foutz's sons, Karl and Frank Coleman?

John Cephas Foutz | Washington Post Obituary

Preparing for a field trip to do some on-site genealogy work, and I found this tidbit once I clicked past all the other results (most of them from this blog, actually; so, good, the word is getting out).

John Cephas Foutz, remember, was one of my great-grandfather Vance Cleveland Foutz’s older brothers. He was working as a clerk in Bowerston at age 22 when he died suddenly. His oldest brother, Sherman, a resident of Washington D.C. at the time, likely was the reason for this brief obit in the Jan. 23, 1899 edition of the Post:

FOUTZ—On Sunday, January 22, 1899, at the home of
his parents, near Bowerston, Ohio, John C. Foutz,
brother of S. S. Foutz, in the twenty-second year of his
Funeral from his parents’ residence, Bowerston,
Ohio, Tuesday, January 24.

Still doesn’t shed light on why John died so young. But does put my great-great grandparents, Jonathan and Rebecca, home in Bowerston at the beginning of 1899.

By 1900, they’d be living, along with Vance and older brother Charles, in Washington D.C. with Sherman and his family.

It’s likely he’s buried in Longview Cemetery in Bowerston — referred to as the “Lutheran cemetery” in his Twin City News obituary. If so, I didn’t track him down in 2010. Maybe I’ll have better luck this year.

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