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Dawn James Colt Foutz genealogy research trip

What's the fun of genealogy research without a partner in crime? Distant Foutz cousin Dawn James graciously hosted Colt Foutz on a recent research trip to Harrison, Tuscarawas and Carroll counties. Oh yeah, and made her share of discoveries, too.


Genealogical Sleuthing Complete – Prepare for Blog Onslaught

Since I only get home to Ohio now about once a year, I had to be hyper-organized on a recent trip.

My goal was to run down the list of documents and locations I can only delve into on-site, and be damn quick about getting through them.

But any journey worth writing home about — or filling this space — is better enjoyed when hurtling down a few tangents.

Some people call them back roads. In eastern Ohio, it’s pretty much the way you get from points A to B. (Not to mention C, D, E, etc.)

I set off on a recent whirlwind weekend to solve some mysteries — find where a few key ancestors were buried, comb newspapers and history books and gathered clippings for details of their lives, document the places they lived (should those places still be left standing) and reconnect with relatives old, and as it turned out, new.

My gracious hosts on this adventure were fellow genealogy nut — and third cousin once removed — Dawn James and her family.

She’s the great-great granddaughter of Ida Foutz Moreland, older sister to my great-grandpa Vance Cleveland Foutz. Dawn grew up a county or so to the east of the Ohio farm Ida and Vance and a couple previous Foutz generations called home; I grew up a county or so to the west.

Dawn signed on for the whole adventure — book-diving, cemetery-hopping, creeping down country roads in pouring rain (Saturday) and icy snow (Sunday), with a few extended sojourns with a journalist buddy of mine and my great aunt Nellie thrown in for good measure.

That I kept such good company made the visit a happy one. That Dawn ended up striking gold with her share of discoveries made her presence essential.

Sound fun? Ask her, sometime, if her feet have thawed out yet. Ask me sometime who came out ahead in number of stones located, number of pages submitted to the library copier.

But that tenacity comes with a benefit to readers of this blog: over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting our discoveries right here. I’ve got a folder chock full of historic obits, photos, gravestone memorials and other goodies, all fit for some extended campfire whispering.

Let’s throw a cord more wood on the fire, and keep it toasty. The fun starts with some Ley posts the rest of this week and next, followed by Johnsons, Foutzes and Weibles. Enough whispering for all….

Gideon Pfouts homestead 2011

There wasn't much to be found in 2011 on the 80 acres historically farmed by Colt's great-great-great grandfather, Gideon Pfouts. But that didn't stop us from tromping around in the rain for an hour or so to tell you all about it. Stay tuned....

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5 thoughts on “Revvin up the Mystery Machine | Ohio Research Trip

  1. Earl Ley

    Good hunting.
    The roots are good.
    Earl Ley

  2. Dawn

    Colt – Good thing I didn’t bet any money on this competition! 26 obituaries!?! Hmmm…. are those my ancestors too? I don’t know if that counts. 🙂

    Bob – How’s Lauren related to Colt? I’m interested in seeing a pic now. Colt’s eyes and eyebrows look like my brother’s except the shape of their eyes are a little different. I was surprised to see some similarities with our relationship being so distant.

  3. Bob Foutz

    Dawn James and her cousin Lauren Foutz (third cousin once removed) look remarkably alike!!!!!

  4. Dawn

    Yes, my feet have thawed. 🙂 I am interested in finding out who came out ahead in numbers of discoveries. Don’t forget to include what I found after we parted. I won’t make you count Thomas and Ida’s marriage certificate since Ida isn’t a direct ancestor of yours. But you have to include Robert Caldwell and Rachel Cramblett’s marriage certificate and Gideon’s will. Both of which I need to scan and e-mail to you.

    • Oh, I made quite a comeback on deadline. ;-D Scanned 26 obituaries Monday afternoon. And found all the peeps on my list at East Avenue/Evergreen in about an hour. But I give you some credit there, too. Residual glow of your prowess, or something…. 😀

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