For the Record | Laura (Zeigler) Foutz, 1956 obit

Laura K. Foutz

Great-great grandmother Christina Laurina Katherina (Zeigler) Foutz


Christina Laurina Katherina (Zeigler) Foutz | 1885-1956

This blog series explores the lives of Foutz ancestors as revealed in their obituaries. Much of this information was gathered during a March 2011 research trip to Tuscarawas and Harrison counties in Ohio.

From the Times-Reporter (Dover/New Philadelphia), Wednesday, Aug. 29, 1956:

Foutz Laura obit 1956

What else was going on in the world on Aug. 29, 1956? In the month previous, Ringling Bros. circus hosted its last tent show and Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin performed together for the last time, following a 10-year run. That summer, President Dwight Eisenhower authorized the federal highway system and made “In God We Trust” the country’s official slogan. Burning up the musical charts of late summer 1956 was the single “My Prayer,” by The Platters, as well as a young entertainer named Elvis Presley, whose hits “Don’t Be Cruel” and “Hound Dog” would eventually hit the top (he would perform on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time in the week after Laura’s death).

Vance Foutz Laura Foutz gravestone Dover Burial Park

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2 thoughts on “For the Record | Laura (Zeigler) Foutz, 1956 obit

  1. I live in the Ruslin Hills north of Dover, Ohio and read the record on Laura Zeigler Foutz with great interest. The Ruslin Hills area has a rich history that has kept me interested for many years. I am a memeber of the Ruslin Hills Church and have communicated with many of the members to learn as much of the history as I possibly can. I know the Zeigler family and (as geneology often does) found that I am related to the Duerr line which is the maiden name of Laura Zeigler Foutz’s mother.

    Please find a stream of photographs on the Website found below.

    Thomas Bitticker

    • Thomas — this is fascinating. Glad you found me via the blog.

      A couple questions — how do I access the entire photo stream, if indeed there are more family photos you’ve collected? Can’t wait to see ’em.

      Also — which Jacob Zeigler is pictured here? Is this Laura’s Dad (my great-great grandfather)? Don’t know if you’ve seen the blog yet where I speculate on his cause of death in the late 1890s and share what fragmentary knowledge the family had about it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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