Ley young Janet Bobby Betsy

A young Ley family -- well, 3/7, anyway -- in the mid-1950s: Janet, Bobby, Betsy.

Janet Ley Foutz | Gosh-Oh-Mine, Look Who’s 59!

They used to do this bit on the local radio station in Dover, Ohio — and maybe still do — where they’d wish somebody a happy birthday, closing with the iconic “This… is your radio station.”

On the cable access version of the station, they’d even flash somebody’s baby picture up there, too. So, you’d see 43-year-old Ed Wallace grinning from under his Little League cap, or glimpse Susie Strauss sitting all alone in her baby pool, sucking her thumb disconsolately as she discovers that, no, birthday cakes don’t float, after all, even when they ARE shaped like old-fashioned Mississippi paddle-wheel boats.

But I digress….

The point of this blog is to pause a moment and perhaps raise a pint (Corona, if you’ve got one) to my dear Mamba, otherwise known as Mama Joe, alternately identified as WOW (upside-down and backwards), legally 59 years young today.

She entered this world on May 25, 1952, probably drew a mustache on the doctor, and as legend has it, passed my dad in his incubator on the way out the door sometime on or around June 5.

To lend this homage even the slightest air of genealogical credibility (ahem, ahem), Mom was named after her great-grandma Jannette Louise (Reese, or Rhys) Morgan, and grew close throughout childhood to an aunt, Janet Louise Curtis, with the same name. Which perhaps explains her continued fondness for all things Pittsburgh, excepting Terry Bradshaw.

Perhaps she will one day have a grandson named John Louis. Or even Terry Bradshaw. In any case, it’s her day, so we all bow down.


Colt Mom Dan Nov 1980

November, 1980: Superman, Colt, Mom and Dan. We had fun back then, didn't we?

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  1. Betsy Berenzweig

    Janet: Sal forwarded this to me. A-UH…………

  2. Aunt Sal


    Happy Birthday!


  3. Whitney Foutz

    Happy Birthday Aunt Janet!!!

  4. Sara Fitzgerald

    Have a happy birthday Janet.

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