In Good Countenance #1 — Elizabeth (Duerr) Zeigler

Duerr Siblings 1903

Great-great Grandmother Elizabeth (Duerr) Zeigler -- seated in the front row, second from right -- and her siblings and siblings-in-law, at a family reunion, circa 1903. From left, front row: Margaret Stallecker Duerr, Mary Duerr Welsch, Anna Duerr Arnold, Elizabeth Duerr Zeigler, Susan Myers Duerr. Back: Michael Duerr, John Krantz (husband of Catherine Duerr) and Sam Duerr. Courtesy of Thomas Bitticker.

Elizabeth (Duerr) Zeigler — Campfire Countenances

I’ve been contemplating a way to jump back into the blog, to give it a good kickstart.

All I end up doing is making lists of topics and themes and fretting about the perfect way to include the most interesting and comprehensive of information.

Which, of course, leads to utter inaction.

So, in an effort to enliven this space, and unburden my archives of all the material recently accumulated there, we’re going to go — as they say in journalism: “light, tight and bright.”

Every other day, in ad nauseam, in ad infinitum, I’ll throw a random dart at the stack. Wherever it sticks is what I’ll pull out and post for you here.

Let it be a starting point for further discussion — and discovery.

Today’s installment is the first of what I’ll label “In Good Countenance” — a look at pics from the past of our oldest ancestors.

Here, we catch a glimpse of my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Duerr Zeigler, mother of Laura (Christina Laurina Catherina, as legend would have it), mother-in-law to Vance Cleveland Foutz.

This pic, as far as we know, was taken a few years before those families merged. At about 1903, shortly after brother Sam Duerr (son of third-great-grandfather Samuel Duerr) built this house along Dover-Zoar Road across from where the golf course would one day sit (according to the inscription).

The remaining sons, daughters and in-laws of Samuel Duerr are shown here. The Duerrs emigrated from the Tuebingen district of Wuerttemberg, Germany in January 1857. Sailing from Le Havre, France, they arrived in New York on the ship William Nelson that May.

As far as we know, Katharina Weinmann bore Sam Sr. 5 children in Germany before passing away in 1850 at age 36. He remarried, to Barbara Maurer, who is buried with him in Strasburg Cemetery. (More on them later.)

Elizabeth, if the dating of this photo is correct, had been widowed about 6 years. She would live another 25, passing away in the home of my great-grandparents, Vance and Laura, at age 82.

The photo below is also from the same reunion. Again, if 1903 is the date, Great-Grandma Laura would have been a mere 17, 18 years old. My only guess is that she is perhaps pictured at the top of the stairs on the left, wearing a white blouse. Elizabeth is pictured in the front right, seated to the left of her brother Sam.

Duerr Family Reunion, 1903 full group

Duerr Family Reunion, 1903 full group

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2 thoughts on “In Good Countenance #1 — Elizabeth (Duerr) Zeigler

  1. I’m sure that you would have guessed that I would “like” this post. πŸ™‚ By the way, I didn’t avoid you at the concert…I couldn’t get anyone to watch my wild son, so I didn’t make it. When do the terrible 4’s end?!

    For those that don’t know, Colt & I connect through the eldest Samuel Duerr. The second Samuel is my 3rd great grandfather. I was very excited to see these pictures and discover that my 4th great grandparents are buried in the town in which I live. πŸ™‚

  2. Sara Fitzgerald

    Glad you are back with a post. You have some great pictures. Maybe it will inspire me to get back with my search of the Johnson side.

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