A Busy News Day for the Leys (and Weibles) — Part 1

Charles Henry Ley

Great-great Grandfather Charles Henry Ley

A Pivotal News Day for the Leys | September 4, 1915

Leys and Weibles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries became accustomed to their hometown papers carrying news of their business and personal lives.

Both families were involved in politics, with my great-great-great grandfather Augustus Ley serving as Salem township treasurer and clerk, and his son (my great-great grandfather) Charles Ley serving two terms as Tuscarawas County treasurer. Regular ads touted the furniture enterprise of my great-great grandfather Franklin Eli Weible, while his son, my great-grandfather Robert Ohio Weible, was a prominent appointed state official, leading the World War II scrap material drives.

These families were first connected in marriage by the union of my third aunt, Minnie Mae Ley — sister to my great-great grandfather Charles — and Edwin Frederick Weible, cousin of my great-grandfather, Robert Ohio Weible.

Charles Ley had served the county through four years before term limits prompted his return to private citizenship. The Dover (Ohio) Daily Reporter of Saturday, September 4, 1915 carried this bulletin, as well as news of his next career move.

Click the links below to read the stories:

Ley Charles ends term Dover Daily Reporter 9.4.1915

Ley Charles resumes traveling job DDR 9.4.1915

But the day would hold more in store for the Leys, and their Dover counterparts who would one day be connected a second time by marriage through my grandmother, Suzanne Abbott Weible, and my grandfather, Robert Earl Ley Jr.

Tune in Monday for part two of a pivotal 1915 news day for the Leys and Weibles, as well as a quaint tale of a house for sale… and a hand-me-down couch.

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