In Good Countenance #2 — Phoebe Amanda (Campbell) Palmer

Harry Heavilin Phoebe Palmer Hannah Palmer Heavilin

This picture from the first decade of the 1900s finds us at the Heavilin farm along Hissem Road in Harrison County, Ohio. Pictured in the front row, from left, are: Harry Heavilin, Colt's third great-grandmother Phoebe Amanda (Campbell) Palmer and Harry's wife, Hannah Elizabeth (Palmer) Heavilin. Harry and Hannah's children are standing behind them.

Phoebe Amanda (Campbell) Palmer – Campfire Countenances

I suppose I could also call this series Vintage Visages.

Anyway, all alliteration aside….

I thought it was time to give the Johnson side some love. So, today we return to Harrison County, to the Hissem Road farmhouse of third great-aunt Hannah Elizabeth Palmer Heavilin.

It is there the family has gathered — her husband, Harry, and their six children — to sit for a portrait with Hannah’s mother, better known to you and me as Great-great-great Grandma Phoebe Amanda (Campbell) Palmer.

I don’t know too much about her family or her ancestry. The census records her father, James Campbell, as having settled in Ohio as far back as 1820. The 1850 census reports his birth as being “on the Irish sea”. Her mother, Anne, had less boisterous origins, hailing, according to census records, from Pennsylvania.

Phoebe was born in May 1824, probably in Ohio, but certain family records have her born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Phoebe married Michael Palmer on Dec. 28, 1845. His family had settled in Pennsylvania as far back as the mid-1700s. They hailed from Baden province in Germany, where the original family spelling was “Balmer.”

Phoebe and Michael remained close to their parents, settling in Harrison County, where they had as many as 8 kids between 1847 and 1861. George Silvester, their oldest, was my second great-grandfather.

After Michael’s death in 1890, Phoebe remained at home in Stock Township. In the 1900 census, she is listed as head of household at 75, with one boarder.

She is buried in Hanover Cemetery in Harrison County.

Palmer Phoebe Amanda Campbell Hanover Cemetery

The gravestone Phoebe Campbell Palmer shares with husband Michael in Hanover Cemetery, Harrison County, Ohio.

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