Marriage of Jannett Reese to Thomas Morgan

Morgan Reese Former First Independent Church Philadelphia

Could the marriage of Colt's second great-grandparents Jannett Louise Reese and Thomas W. Morgan have taken place here? Church records connecting the current Pilgrim Congregational Church to the First Independent Church of 1872 Philadelphia seem to confirm it.

Reese-Morgan Nuptials | October 15, 1872 | Philadelphia, Pa.

Despite my ranting in recent posts about Pennyslvania’s unyielding grip on its yellowed vital records, there has been progress as of late.

No progress on the public side, mind you. But there are certain church and private records that has transcribed, digitized and made available.

One of these happily backs up the old “international records” hit I scored in 2008 that provided the marriage date of my second-great grandparents, Thomas Morgan and Jannett Louise Reese.

(And if you want a rant, ask me sometime about the changes made to its former “pilot” record search. They took it from a series of organized, essential filters to a royal crapshoot. But I digress.)

Jannett Louise Reese, as census records indicate, emigrated from Wales sometime in 1870. Thomas probably followed, also from Wales, shortly after — in about 1872, according to an illustrated history of Allegheny County, Pa. published in 1896, when their family called Carnegie home.

But they started out in Philadelphia. And according to the church records I unearthed in the international index, and confirmed in a Pennsylvania church records database, Jannett Reese and Thomas Morgan were married Oct. 15, 1872 in the First Independent Church.

The record indicates their ceremony was performed by Rev. John G. Wilson. The church, at that time, bore the address 1409 Hanover Street.

Now, Philadephia, Pa. has changed street names and numbers about as often as our slow-witted (but well-meaning) neighbors in New Philadelphia, Ohio. I haven’t been able to definitively unearth a source that connects 1409 Hanover back then to 1409 Marlborough today, but a page on the Historical Society of Pennsylvania’s web site identifies the First Independent Church as Pilgrim Congregational Church today. And if this is all geographically correct, then you may be looking at the very site where Thomas and Jannett wed in 1872.

Nifty, eh?

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