In Good Countenance #5 — Margaret (Thomas) Cummings

Cummings Margaret Thomas

Third Great-Grandmother Margaret (Thomas) Cummings, mother to Amanda Jane (Cummings) Palmer, in an undated portrait.

Margaret Cummings | Johnson Family History

Part two of our Vintage Visages Double Feature follows up on our post of what we know of the life of Third Great-Grandfather Samuel Cummings and focuses now on his wife, Margaret (Thomas) Cummings.

As with Samuel, I give full credit to extended family for the wonderful portrait of Margaret. Any marring of facts about her life — what little, that is, we seem to know — is entirely my fault.

Margaret was born March 20, 1824. This information seems to come from family sources, since I haven’t found a document to substantiate it. Census records from 1850 – 1880 record her birthplace as Pennsylvania. The 1880 census reports her parents’ birthplace as Delaware.

We don’t know when or why her family comes to Harrison County, Ohio, but ii is there that she marries Samuel on March 25, 1847, according to family tradition (I haven’t found a marriage record confirming this.)

Son Thomas is born in 1849, and we have confirmed seven other children living into adulthood: Ann, my great-great-grandmother Amanda, William, Matilda, Mary, Rezin and John.

After more than three decades raising her family and supporting her husband during his farming, grocer and teamster careers, Margaret moves west with all but one of her children (Great-Great-Grandma Amanda). She settles with Samuel in Osage, Kansas. It is there that her husband is buried in 1892. She outlives him by six years, passing away on March 28, 1898 at 74 years old.

Cummings Samuel Margaret Osage City Cem Kansas

Third great-grandparents Samuel and Margaret (Thomas) Cummings are buried, along with their son, John, in Osage City Cemetery, Osage, Kansas. Thanks to contributor Bonnie Waters for this photo.

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2 thoughts on “In Good Countenance #5 — Margaret (Thomas) Cummings

  1. Sara Fitzgerald

    Thanks for posting the picture of the grave of Samuel & Margaret. The marker at the base indicates that the grave was that of a veteran. Possibly son John served in an Ohio regiment during the Civil War.

    • Some of their children would have been old enough — but not John. He was born in 1867, according to records (and the gravestone pic). Most likely it is due to Samuel having reported, in his 40s, for duty, though he was dismissed at the Ohio camp after reporting, most likely due to his age or family situation (that document does not indicate why). Probably somebody out in Osage, or another family member, researched his being called to duty but was not familiar with the fact that he was dismissed without going into battle.

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