Happy Birthday, Sue Ley

Suzanne Abbott Weible Ley c. 1936

Colt’s grandmother Sue Weible, about the time of her graduation in 1936 from Dover High School.

94th Birth Anniversary – July 6, 2012

Sitting here this holiday week, amid all the bunting and fireworks and parades and the avalanche of food, I figured what could be so wrong about getting up a post with my grandma’s pretty face?

Yep, next July 6 would have been the 95th birthday of Suzanne Abbott (Weible) Ley, my maternal grandmother.

Born in Dover, Ohio in 1918, she lived her whole life there, aside from an interval in Oxford, Ohio for school at Miami University, and time in Columbus pursuing a career.

How I remember, growing up, celebrating Independence Day with barbecued chicken up at their house on Parkview Drive, chilling with a tall, iced glass of Pepsi on their patio with a sweeping view of the town we all called home. Or pausing for a spell inside, playing their piano as they listened down the hall in the kitchen, finishing to their applause.

Wish we could go back and do it again….

But anyway, happy birthday, Grandma! And Happy Fourth to family far and wide.

Ley Sue Foutz Colt 1979

Colt Foutz sits with his maternal grandmother, Sue Ley, in her Dover, Ohio living room about 1979.

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