Honoring Our Family’s Veterans | Ley & Weible Gallery

Weible Bill TR1973

A 1973 Times-Reporter staff pic of Great Uncle Bill Weible. Following his service in World War II, Bill joined the Dover Daily Reporter in May 1948 and worked at the Times-Reporter for several decades, managing various advertising departments, among other duties.

Ley & Weible Family Veterans – Places of Rest & Remembrance #7

In the last week following Veteran’s Day, we’ve paid tribute in this space to our family’s veterans. Today and tomorrow, I’ll conclude this series with galleries of relatives who served — uncles, cousins, brothers; all family.

On the Ley & Weible side, our series has so far included:

* Great Uncle Robert Colt Weible, who served in the Naval Reserves in World War II and went on to become a Naval commander

* Great-Grandpa Robert Earl Ley Sr., who served in World War I

* Grandpa Robert Earl Ley Jr., a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during World War II

* Fifth Great-Grandfather Jacob Crites, a Ley ancestor on the Fisher side, which we’ll cover more in today’s gallery

* an earlier post detailed Revolutionary War drummer and Fifth Great-Grandfather Frederick Metzger, who was among those at Valley Forge. He’s a Weible ancestor.

Today we visit the final resting places of Great Uncle Bill Weible; Olin Abbuhl Jr. and Earl Fisher, cousins of Grandpa Robert Earl Ley Jr.; and Grandpa’s Ley’s uncle Olin Abbuhl Sr. To navigate the gallery, click on an individual image and use the arrows to scroll through the collection. When finished, hit the ESCAPE key to go back to this blog post.

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