Honoring Our Family’s Veterans | Foutz & Johnson Gallery

Johnson Floyd Foutz Donn 1987

Great Uncle Floyd Johnson, left, and Uncle Donn Foutz at a family reunion in 1987. Floyd served in the Air Force in the Korean War.

Foutz & Johnson Veterans | Places of Rest & Remembrance #8

This post concludes our week-long look at our family’s veterans with a review of Foutz and Johnson relatives who served.

Earlier this week we visited the final resting places of:

* Third-Great Grandfather and Civil War soldier James Burkey, a relative on the Johnson side

* Great Uncle Bill Johnson, an airborne infantryman in World War II who participated in the rescue of more than 2,000 POWs from a Japanese prison

In our family’s history, military service on the Johnson side is extensive, including that of Great Uncle Floyd Johnson in Korea, great great uncles Norman, Adrian and Dwight Johnson, three sons of Clement Johnson’s who served in World War II and World War I, respectively; and several Palmers in Harrison County for whom I haven’t yet established a connection (but that connection is likely).

On the Foutz side, recognized here are Great Uncle Wayne Waddington and second-cousin, once-removed Larry Zeigler, who served in Vietnam.As

As we look forward to Thanksgiving, I know I am thankful for the gift of time and time with my family, and for those in our family who served.

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