Don Foutz: 99 Reasons to Remember

Foutz Don Colt c. 1977

Colt Foutz and grandpa Don, about 1977.

Happy 99th Birthday, Grandpa Foutz

I’ll confess: as I’ve gotten more and more into genealogy the last several years there are more and more dates swimming in my head.

Yesterday was more than mere Monday, at least where memory served. March 4 is a pretty significant family milestone, marking the birth of my grandpa, Donald Dale Foutz, in 1914, to Vance and Laura Foutz of Canal Dover, Ohio.

He was likely born in the old house Vance shared with extended family. The one down from the corner of Walnut and Second, at 113 W. Second St., according to newspaper accounts. Great-great Grandma Rebecca Foutz was among the residents there, and would have been around to hold Vance and Laura’s third son a year before her death, in May 1915.

His time with us was too, too short. I couldn’t help imagining, while on a walk yesterday, that if he’d lived as long as his wife, my grandma Erma Maxine Johnson Foutz, or as long as my other grandparents, he’d have been around during my graduation year. Ah, but then lots of other details would be different, too, eh?

In the end we’re blessed with what time we have. And after the fact, memories, the little quirks programmed into millions of individual genes. In our family tree poster, hanging by our dining table (just beneath the graphic-art FOUTZ sign), are images of myself, reflected backward through father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great, etc.

Happy 99th, Grandpa.

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