Newest Apple on the Foutz Family Tree

Caleb Oliver Foutz, born May 30, 2013.

Caleb Oliver Foutz, born May 30, 2013.

Welcome, Caleb Oliver Foutz

Been a fun-filled, dazed week of reacquainting myself with diaper changes and burp cloths and midnight feedings, but what a ride. And a chance to catch up on some overdue postings here.

We’ll start with news that’s barely a week old. Welcome the latest Foutz: Caleb Oliver, born to Colt and Katie on May 30, 2013 in Sioux Falls, SD.

He joined the world at 4:02 p.m. (incidentally, same time as his biggest brother, Jonah Robert Foutz, did back on Sept. 6, 2006) and weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces, measuring 21 inches long.

Little Caleb shares a birthday with his great-great grandfather Robert Ohio Weible (born May 30, 1892 in Dover, Ohio) and third great grandmother Elizabeth (Duerr) Zeigler (mother to Laura (Zeigler)Foutz, born May 30, 1845 in Schlaitdorf, Esslingen, Wuertemberg, Germany).

Caleb’s name comes from the Old Testament, continuing a tradition we established with older brothers Jonah and Benjamin. Caleb and Joshua were the only two of the ancient Israelites who set out from Egypt to reach the Promised Land. The name means devoted to God and ranked #32 for boys’ names in 2012.

His middle name honors Katie’s great-grandfather Oliver Albert Knutson, her dad’s grandpa, who lived and farmed in Northwood, Iowa from 1884 to 1975. Sometime when we can get back to Northwood, I’ll try and scan the old picture of Oliver Knutson’s baseball team, which hangs in the Worth Brewing Company restaurant in downtown Northwood.

This middle name tradition carried on from our naming Jonah Robert to honor several ancestors (grandpa Robert Earl Ley Jr., great-grandpas Robert Earl Ley Sr. and Robert Ohio Weible; third great-grandfather Robert Caldwell (father to Rebecca Jane (Caldwell) Foutz) also shares the name), and Benjamin Peter to honor Katie’s mother’s Peterson side, which descends from Sweden and Per Persson through Grandma Mabel Marie (Peterson) Knutson.

Weible Robert Ohio desk c. 1940

An undated photo showing Great-Grandfather Robert Ohio Weible working at a desk. Probably taken in the late 1930s or early 1940s when he was purchasing agent for the State of Ohio.

Katie's great-grandfather Oliver Knutson as a young man.

Katie’s great-grandfather Oliver Knutson as a young man.

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One thought on “Newest Apple on the Foutz Family Tree

  1. Beth Foutz

    Congratulations Colt, beautiful baby!

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