R.E. Ley Jr., Dover Councilman-at-Large

Ley RE Jr council at large Daily REporter 9 Nov 1955

Grandpa Robert Earl Ley Jr. in a 1955 Republican announcement for his reelection as Dover city councilman.

Robert Earl Ley Jr. Continues Family Tradition of Service

Thought I’d continue sharing the riches from a recent binge of Newspapers.com research, and follow-up on the civic theme sounded in yesterday’s post about Beatrice Weible’s public service, by opening the flow of (digital) ink devoted to my grandpa Robert Earl Ley, Jr.

Call it an opening salvo.

Because though I have far better things to occupy my time than counting the mentions of my ancestors in the 1950s through 1970s editions of the Dover Daily Reporter, I think it’s safe to say articles devoted to the actions of R.E. Ley Jr. as dentist, Elk, Mason, Shriner, Kiwani and, yes, city councilman run neck and neck with the notices about his step-mother’s and mother-in-law’s flurry with various women’s groups.

Public service was nothing new, of course, to the Leys.

Fourth-great-grandfather (and Bavarian immigrant) Karl Ley served on the school board in Shanesville, where his wife, Caroline (Vogelsang) Ley was president of the Ladies’ Guild.

Son Augustus Ley manned the posts of treasurer and clerk for Salem Twp.

Grandson Charles Henry Ley served on the board of education and city council before gaining election and reelection as Tuscarawas County Treasurer from 1911-1915.

His son Robert Earl Ley, Sr., assisted him in the treasurer post during his first term, and was a charter member of the Dover Kiwanis Club, a member of the Masonic Lodge in New Philadelphia and of the Shrine and affiliated organizations. He was a past president of the Tuscarawas County Dental organization.

In addition to his service on the Dover City Council, Karl Ley’s great-great grandson, Robert Earl Ley, Jr., my grandfather, participated in many fraternal organizations. The rundown: He was a member of Dover Kiwanis, Dover American Legion, past president of Dover Lions Club, past exalted ruler of Dover Elks Lodge No. 975, a 32nd degree Mason, member of Dover Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite Valley of Canton, Tadmor Shrine, Royal Order of Jesters, and Chef de Gare of the 40 et 8 Voiture 117.

But let’s let grandpa’s November 1957 re-election bio sketch carry a little of the weight, shall we?

For the full rundown of that year’s GOP slate, click the thumbnail below.

Ley RE Vote GOP Daily Reporter 1 Nov 1957

Ley RE Jr Councilman Vote GOP Daily Reporter 1 Nov 1957

November 1957 Republican Party advertisement to re-elect R.E. Ley Jr. as Dover city councilman-at-large.

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