Sally Ley, Top Senior, 1965

Ley Sally top senior pic Daily Reporter 29 Apr 1965

From 1965: top senior Sally Ley of Dover High.

Bike Tumble Precedes Top Senior Status for Aunt Sal

One thing about suddenly gaining access to an online archive of the Dover Daily Reporter from the 1930s through 1977 — they covered everything, and I mean everything, in my hometown.

Thus, club notes, traffic mishaps, kids’ birthday parties, the odd injury or two.

I thought it might be funny to celebrate my Aunt Sally Ley Pacheco’s birthday today by sharing some oh-so-pressing news, as detailed by the Reporter in February 1959:

Ley Sally bike accident Daily Reporter 18 Feb 1959

Actually, second-degree burns and cut foreheads notwithstanding, I can see how this accident is far from funny. In fact, I remember hearing about it from Aunt Sal as a kid.

So to add a bit of balm to this birthday trip down memory lane, here’s a more thoroughly reported piece from April 1965. Hey, just about 50 years ago!

Looks like things were looking up by then for Aunt Sal, one of Dover High’s “top seniors.”


Ley Sally top senior story Daily Reporter 29 Apr 1965

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