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Incomprehensible Tax Code Babble

Charles Henry Ley

Great-great Grandfather Charles Henry Ley


Interpreting Tax Law… Never Mind


As a fun addendum to yesterday’s peek at Ohio liquor tax laws of the 1910s….

Hahahaha. Only kidding with that intro.

But seriously, in case any of you have doubts (justifiable) about how I spend my free time in pursuit of genealogy, let me reassure you, as a former journalist, I take seriously both the thrill of the hunt and the commitment to filling in the historical context by getting the facts right.

But I tend to draw the line at incomprehensible tax code babble. So I settled for a writerly (convenient!) summary when it came to understanding that that the Rose Law and Aiken tax had to do with liquor sales. It was that, or subject myself to more of the following, courtesy of publications like Ohio Law Reporter, and “Opinions of the Attorney General, Ohio, Volume 1“… YAWN.


Ohio Rose Law Aiken Tax Snippet



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