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Buy a Ford from Don Foutz

Potschner Ford Dover Ohio 1950s Newspaper Ad

Don Foutz, 1956 Potschner Ford Ad

It’s easier, I guess, to remember my grandpa, Don Foutz, as a steelworker. But evidence suggests he knew his way around cars, specifically as a salesman.

An earlier post shared an item from the Dover, Ohio Daily Reporter on the occasion of grandpa’s retirement from Greer Steel. The 1979 article gave him credit for 36 years of service. Which made sense, to a certain degree, since grandpa followed father Vance and brothers Ralph and Carl into the local plant.

Though those years may not have been continuous service, as his 1942 wedding announcement indicates: a certain Erma Johnson had worked in the Greer Steel offices, where grandpa may have encountered her.

But that announcement also listed him as an employee of Potschner Ford at the time. And grandpa’s 1980 obituary listed him as a longtime employee of Potschner, while also crediting him with just 17 years at Greer.

Newspaper confusion notwithstanding, if you were in the market for a Ford in the mid-1950s, you could look up Don Foutz and buy it from him.


Fred Potcshner Ford Agency Dover Ohio

Old pic of Fred Potschner Ford, Dover, Ohio.


Foutz Don Potschner Ford ad Daily Reporter 6 Aug 1956

A 1956 ad from the Dover Daily Reporter lists Grandpa Don Foutz as a salesman at Fred Potschner Ford in Dover.


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