Good Bowling Night for Don Foutz

Standings weren’t looking good for Don Foutz and his bowling colleagues from Potschner Ford in January 1954.

Don Foutz: Rolling Frames for Potschner Ford

Life wasn’t all sticker price and trade-in value for my enterprising Grandfather, Don Foutz, as he worked the lot at Potschner Ford in 1950s Dover, Ohio.

Come Saturday, he could look forward to cutting loose and rolling a few frames with buddies in the … bowling league.

OK, legendary football field exploits these are not.

But if you’re into bowling box scores — ha ha, little joke there — they do provide a window on 1950s life. At least, from a middle class social networking point of view.

The active leagues in smalltown Dover mirror the area’s industry in their team rosters. Among car lots, there are Potschner and Boliver Ford dealers rolling into the alleys. Toland and Lewis funeral homes sent teams to play, as well as Dover Market, Eichel Meats and Zoar Tavern to represent knife and forkers.

Even white-collar Hanhart Insurance went toe to toe in the Industrial League, but, speaking of clean collars, sitting atop the circuit in early 1954 was Puritan Laundry. Potschner, meanwhile, had recorded not even a quarter of the point totals as the league’s top teams.

Huh. Guess they were opting for the I-block six instead of the Y-block V8.

Lousy puns aside, it’s tough to determine how well Grandpa Foutz did on a weekly basis… and slightly beyond my interest to check. But here are a few clippings from that year and his scores and the results of the games. On his best nights, he was a high-400s bowler for what I’m guessing was a two-game league match. On his worst, he recorded in the 300s.

Like me, maybe he’d rather have been watching football.

Foutz Don Good Bowling 22 Jan 1954 — 61 years ago this week — led both teams with 499, beat Wendling Bros.

Foutz bad bowling April 1954 — second on team with 449, lost to Harmon Studio

Foutz Bad Bowling 5 May 1954 — last on both teams with 325, lost to Zoar Tavern

Fred Potcshner Ford Agency Dover Ohio

Old pic of Fred Potschner Ford, Dover, Ohio.

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