Janet Ley Goes “Psychadelic”

Ley Janet DHS grad 1970

Janet Ley, psychadelic artist

2nd Prize in 1968 Window Art Contest

It was the age of Cream. Hendrix. Ken Kesey.

Tom Wolfe. Flower Power. And Woodstock on the way.

Tune in. Turn on. Drop out.

And aspiring teen artist Janet Ley was racking up notice in small-town Dover, Ohio with her entry in a psychadelic window painting contest.

The Weinsz Motor Co. sponsored the contest to promote its psychadelic sale in February 1968. From the Feb. 29 (hey! Artistic leaps, Leap Year….) edition of the Dover Daily Reporter:

Second prize of $10 went to Janet Ley, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Ley of 1 Parkview dr. …

Miss Ley’s entry, which is on a new car display window at 2nd and Race st. is a circle entry of modernistic design, including 4 footprints which were outlined when she was held up to the window.

Thirteen members of the Art Club participated in the contest with a total of 9 paintings. The high fever and white hat themes of the Dodge promotion campaign were emphasized by some of the designs. …

A “Flower Car” will be awarded Saturday night at 8:53 as a climax to the sale.

SO many questions, 47 years later. Such as: what became of the flower car? Why 8:53? (And was it a.m. or p.m.?) How did Mom spend the $10? And what became of the first place entrants, the tag-teaming paintbrush duo of Debra DeWire and Alfred Johnson?

We know what became of Miss Ley. She went on to embody Flower Power over the next few years… but let’s redact that.

She would one day apply that psychadelic talent to teaching art in Garaway, Sugar. Creek., Dover, and the world over.

Tune in. Turn on. Drive a Dodge?????

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