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Vance Foutz Family 1940s

Vance Foutz family, 1940s: Vance, Don, Doris, Laura, Carl, Roy


including Zeiglers, Caldwells, Duerrs, Crambletts, Luithards, Weinmanns….

Johnson siblings 1979

The living Johnson siblings, in 1979. Oldest bro Leonard is far right. My grandma, Erma, is center.


including Palmers, Burkeys, Cummingses, Valentines, Stevensons, Thomases….

Leys Summer 1978

Circa 1978. This hung in my grandparents’ kitchen for a long time. Front, from left, Colt, Robert Jr., Dan, Sue, Jennifer, Liz. Back: Nikki, David, Andrea, Doreen.


including Fishers, Hammersleys, Smiths, Powells, Sperlings, Walterses, Criteses, Neals, Merediths, Beals….

Weible MA RO Dance 1913

Closeup of a not-yet-married-and-in-their-20s Beatrice Morgan and Robert Weible from a Halloween dance at Wentz Hall in Dover, Ohio, 1913.


including Morgans, Goddards, Reeses, Metzgers, Schrocks, Bloughs, Blisses, Abbotts….

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