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Honoring Our Family’s Veterans | Jacob Crites

Crites Jacob Crooked Run 2012

Fifth-Great-Grandfather Jacob Crites was laid to rest in Crooked Run church cemetery south of Dover, Ohio. A Revolutionary War star, American flag and Daughters of the American Revolution plaque adorned his burial site when Colt visited in February 2012.

Places of Rest & Remembrance #3 | Jacob Crites

As we honor the veterans in our family’s history this month, I thought I’d jump way back.┬áBack to the Revolutionary War, and some of our first ancestors in America.

Jacob Crites is a Ley ancestor — Colt’s fifth-great-grandfather, to be precise — but is buried among forebears of the Weible branch in Crooked Run Cemetery, south of Dover, Ohio.

(An earlier post in the Weible line focused on Fifth-Great-Grandfather Johann Friedrich Metzger, a drummer boy among those at Valley Forge during the American Revolution.)

He was the father of Elizabeth Crites, who married Henry Fisher. The line continues from there thus:

Jacob Crites – Elizabeth Crites Fisher — George Fisher – John William Fisher – Mary Zula Lucrece Fisher – Robert Earl Ley Jr. – Janet Ley Foutz – Colt Foutz

As far as prevailing genealogical knowledge goes, Jacob was born June 15, 1759 in Northampton County, Pa. to German immigrants William and Dorothea Creutz. He spent most of his life in Washington County, Pennsylvania, marrying Elizabeth Kintner in 1779. They eventually move to Tuscarawas County, Ohio, sometime in the early 1800s.

Before that, though — and Jacob had to be very young — Jacob served his country in the American Revolution. There are some question marks — such as the DAR plaque that identifies his birth as 1740, or the repeated date of 1820 for his death among several genealogists — but the presence of the entire Fisher family burial plot nearby and subsequent generations of Crites make it reasonably certain that this is our Jacob, one of our Revolutionary War ancestors. Additional research may yield details such as his regiment, role and years of service.

Crites Jacob Revolution DAR Plaque Crooked Run 2012

The Revolutionary Soldier plaque placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution upon the gravesite of Jacob Crites in Crooked Run church cemetery south of Dover, Ohio seems to get his birth year wrong. We trust they are correct as to his war service.

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